Twitter Adventure

Twitter Adventure?

I’m on a roll! Totally inspired…I’m still working on book 2, BUT this is fuuuun so I have to do it! So, to explain – I’m going to write an adventure with my TWITTER buddies as the cast! I posted up part of it on 3/20/19, but I put it into individual tweets and naturally the character limit isn’t conducive to writing, soooo I’m using my site to facilitate a more expansive story!

The initial post to Twitter from 3/20/19 will be added to my site, with more details, by 3/22/19 AND shared on my Twitter! I plan to add to the story each week. 😀

Here are the current cast, if you don’t already follow them on Twitter, you should!!! They are amazing, creative people! Please note – the parts in parenthesis are their names in the story and are NOT part of their Twitter handles.

  • @bushwickcj (CJ)
  • @mydearmatilda (Mattie)
  • @TySparks8 (Ty)
  • @ItsFayeMorgan (Faye)
  • @EmbersOfAugust (Jonathan)
  • @dafununbean (Daf)
  • @DominicLunsfor1 (Dom)
  • @KAQSHARP (Kat)
  • @CaylaVanHulle (Cayla)
  • @RLWarrick1 (Warrick)


This is a work of FICTION. Places, actions, etc. are CREATIVE WORKS. This story is being written for FUN and, upon request of the individuals, cast members may change/be removed/added/renamed.


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