Destiny: Darkness Descending

Destiny: Darkness Descending, Part 1

Destiny woke feeling better than she had in days. She climbed slowly out of the bed, unassisted, for the first time since Tom had injected her with whatever crap that had started this whole ordeal for her. After using the bathroom she returned and sat on the edge of the bed listening. The birds chirping outside and the eerie silence that followed still creeped her out. Before, places had other sounds – dog’s barking, children playing, TV’s or radio’s blasting, the occasional car driving past – but here there was nothing. Nothing but birds and silence. Destiny shuddered. Fuck this place.

Glancing around the room she noticed the angle of the light coming in the window was off from when she normally woke up. It seemed closer to noon than early morning. Strange – Tom usually woke her well before noon if she hadn’t woken up already. Her stomach growled loudly, further emphasizing the lateness. A tiny spark of hope ignited in her chest – am I alone in the house? Destiny quashed it down, she hadn’t been left alone before and couldn’t imagine Tom doing so now. No, either Tom or one of his minions were here. Today would be like all the others, only this time she apparently had to make her own way down to the kitchen.

Destiny changed out of her pajamas and into some jeans and a t-shirt before padding softly down the hall to the stairs. The bedroom doors were all standing open and Destiny quickly determined no one else was upstairs. The house was still silent as she approached the bottom of the stairs and hesitated.

“Tom?” Destiny’s voice wavered slightly as she called out. When no answer came she felt the hope blossom once more. She had to be sure, though, before she took action. Destiny quickly checked the downstairs rooms – empty. The garage – empty. Quietly opening the front door she stepped onto the porch and glanced at the driveway and down the street – empty. Hope flooded through her – she could go now, while she had the chance.

Destiny stepped towards the edge of the porch and paused. What if it’s a trick? Tom’s way of testing her. Would he come out of some hiding place the moment she stepped out onto the street? Hope warred with fear in her before determination set in.

I have to try – if it was a trap, so be it, but she couldn’t stay here any longer. Tom was insane, he had proven that quickly to her. He was no longer the man she once knew. He could swear a thousand times he’d never hurt her, but what he did to others… no, it was only a matter of time before he’d forget his promise. Destiny had to go.

Supplies – shit, I need something to protect myself, food, and water. Destiny dashed back inside to quickly gather items. After a quick search of the house she was satisfied with her haul – a backpack stuffed with canned food, bottled water, a book of matches, a can opener, a spoon, and a bowl. Anything else she needed she’d have to find along the way, including a weapon since she couldn’t find anything more dangerous than a butter knife in the kitchen.

Fear coursed through her again as she slung the backpack across her shoulders and approached the door. What if she spent too long searching and Tom was back now, about to walk through the door? She started to shake as her hand grasped the doorknob. If he was out there she’d be screwed, but she was going to have to risk it. She was too close now, freedom was within her grasp. She held her breath as the door opened and she peeked outside. It came out in a relieved whoosh when she saw the empty drive and street.

A slow grin spread across her face as she closed the door behind her and started down the street. She was free and would do her damndest to keep it that way.




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