Destiny: Darkness Descending

Destiny: Darkness Descending, Part 5

Part 5 – Zombies roam and society is collapsing. The remnants of humanity struggle to survive in the darkness that remains. Will they make it?

Destiny was startled awake by a scream, and now stood frozen, staring in horror at the zombie that was running towards her. Running – holy shit, they run! Destiny jerked back at the realization, and instinctively lifted the rake in front of her. She knew it wouldn’t do much, but maybe she could at least keep it between them, or maybe knock the zombie down with it, or something – she knew, though, that if the zombie reached her she was fucked.

Destiny considered turning and running, but her legs still felt weak and the idea of not having eyes on the zombie terrified her almost as much as it getting to her. Instead, she decided to back away quickly to the other side of the deck, she remembered a set of stairs on both sides so she knew she wouldn’t be trapped. As she started to back away the zombie reached the stairs, but stumbled and fell forward onto the deck when it reached the top. Destiny smirked, and would have laughed if not for the icy terror coursing through her veins. At least she had more time to put some distance between them.

Destiny edged closer to the top of the stairs on the opposite side of the deck and was almost there when the zombie stood up and stared at her, it’s face a grayish decomposing mask of rage, before releasing another chilling scream and running towards her once more. Destiny knew she was screwed, she could never outrun it, not in her current condition. But maybe she could dodge it and let it’s momentum take it off the deck, giving her more time… Destiny braced herself at the top of the stairs, prepared to dodge to the side when it got closer.

Time seemed to pass slowly as she prepared herself to leap to the side, and the terror in her chest remained but she felt rage begin to blossom within her. Everything was forever changed, forever ruined, because of these things… because of Tom. If others survived they would be living in a world of fear and horror, the comfort from before gone.

Fuck zombies, fuck Tom. Destiny’s resolve hardened and adrenaline pumped through her veins, filling her with a strength she didn’t know she had. The thing needed to die – both to put it out of its own misery, and to save others from it. She could do this, once it was down she would find a way to destroy it. It might have been a person before but it wasn’t human anymore, she could see that in its lifeless dead eyes. All that remained in it was rage and hunger.

Destiny braced as the zombie approached, she’d use the rake to knock it off balance, send it tumbling over the stairs, then go after it and take it down. She smiled coldly as she swiftly stepped out of the way and slammed the rake into the back of the zombies head as it passed her. It tumbled over, thumping down the stairs and sprawling in the grass of the yard. She took a step towards it when the back door of the house burst open and three men flew out.

Destiny stared at them in surprise. They were definitely alive – each of them carrying a melee weapon at the ready as they first looked at her, then scanned the yard quickly.


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