Destiny: Darkness Descending

Destiny: Darkness Descending, Part 6

Part 6 – Zombies roam and society is collapsing. The remnants of humanity struggle to survive in the darkness that remains. Will they make it?

“Where is it?” One of them asked, pushing past the others and holding a wooden baseball bat at the ready. A much better weapon than her cheap rake.

“Down there.” Destiny said with a gesture towards the deck stairs the zombie had just tumbled down. The man’s gaze flew to the zombie and his eye’s hardened as he took a step forward, deadly intent flowing off him.

“No, I need to do this.” Destiny said and he stopped, eyeing her. “Please, this won’t do shit but if I could borrow yours? I’ll give it back, I swear. I just… I just need to do this.”

Destiny let the rake drop to the ground and stepped towards him, her eyes pleading and her hand out palm up.
“Sure, why the hell not.” He said with a grin before placing the bat handle in her open hand. “But if it looks like you’re going to lose we are stepping in, so we’ll be right behind you.”
Destiny nodded and gripped the bat tightly as she turned towards the zombie, which was back on its feet and turning towards them. The rage inside Destiny was louder now, overpowering the fear as she jogged down the stairs. Damage the brain, that’s what all the movies and stories said to do. So that was her target.
Destiny reached the zombie as it fully turned towards the stairs and swung the bat, a growl of rage slipping from her lips. The bat connected hard against the side of the zombie’s head and it fell down again. But Destiny didn’t pause, her swings coming faster as the growl turned into a feral scream of rage. Everything Tom had done to her, to the world, everything she imagined everyone had suffered because of him, all flowed through her mind as she continued to swing the bat.
It wasn’t until a warm hand gently grabbed her shoulder that she finally stopped and realized there was nothing left of the zombie’s head. The rage left as quickly as it had come, taking with it the adrenaline and energy that had filled her and she slouched in exhaustion as she lowered the bat to the ground.
“You okay, miss?” One of the men said from behind her.
“Is anyone okay anymore?” Destiny asked sarcastically as she turned back to them, her arms starting to shake.
“Sorry, dumb question I guess…” The man trailed off and smiled sheepishly at her as he rubbed his bushy, black beard with his free hand. In his other hand he held a crowbar. He was tall and wore a black trench coat over a t-shirt and jeans and a backpack across his broad shoulders.
“No, I’m sorry. Just ignore me. Bad day, you know?” Destiny replied quickly, regretting her sarcastic reply. “So, umm… Thanks for rushing to my aid. And, well, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Destiny Williams, what’s yours?”
“Chris Butler, call me Butler. Nice to meet you.” The man with the black bushy beard said with a warm grin.
“Chris Adamson. Everyone calls me Adamson. ” A man with dark brown hair answered with a tip of his head and a small salute. He was tall as well, but was more narrowly built, and wore a dark colored t-shirt, jeans, and a backpack as well.
“Steve Riley, and unlike these guys I go by my first name, Steve.” The final man replied and Destiny realized he was the one she had borrowed the bat from. His eyes kept dancing around the yard, and he appeared to be alert to not only her but their surroundings. He wore a t-shirt, jeans and a backpack as well, but had a strength and presence to him that made Destiny instantly feel safe. He was a survivor, a protector.


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