About Me


I love writing and sharing stories with others. I decided to post my stories to this site so that people who may be on a budget, and maybe can’t afford to purchase a book, can still read them! I hope you enjoy my posts and, if you do, please follow me here or on Twitter (@dafununbean) to be updated when I post!

A little about me

I’m a writer and editor. First and foremost,  I love my children. I have three, two boys and a girl. They are adorable! I may at some point add a section on here just to share pictures of them. Well, the younger two as my eldest is a teen and I’ll respect his request to “please not do that” to him! The younger two are toddlers and are total hams, so they want pics galore taken of them.

I love to write, but my life is pretty hectic with working full time, building a business, and taking care of my family so I try to squeeze writing in where I can. There might be times where I’ll post only once a month, and others where I’ll post several times in a week. I hope to one day have plenty of free time to write! Thus why I’m building my business.

Anyways, talking about myself isn’t one of my strengths, so I’ll leave it for now. I hope you enjoy reading my stories and I look forward to hearing from you.

Want to buy my books?

Visit my author page on Amazon here: amazon.com/author/aliceilunsford