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Holy what now!? (Part 2)

I don’t have enough ammo for a shootout. Jonathan said despondently. “Can I just toss Molotov’s at them or something?” 

“With the way you shoot, of course you’ve run out.” Mattie snorted as she inspected her sniper rifle. I told you, one shot one kill is the way to go. Also, Molotov’s? Really? We don’t need to burn down the forest, Jonathan. 

“Hey, be nice! You know I never fired a shot before coming here. I’m no warrior! And I’m semi decent at throwing, so Molotov’s just seem like they’d work for me.” Jonathan said, shooting Mattie an annoyed look before turning back to his weapon.  

“Burning shit down isn’t the answer just because you can’t hit a fat target that’s practically in your face. I have plenty of ammo for my rifle to take down ten times what’s coming.  

“Jesus, Mattie, what crawled up your ass today? Not everyone’s a ‘perfect shot’ like you, but that doesn’t mean you get to rub it in our faces.” Sarcasm dripped from Jonathan’s voice as he replied with a frown. 

For fucks sake, stop bickering you two!” Daf glared at Mattie and Jonathan. “I get it, you’re tense, but what is wrong with you two?” When no immediate reply came Daf rolled her eyes and sighed. “Fine, don’t answer…Look, I need to activate the warning lights to alert everyone else. Can you guys just cool it and focus on prep?” 

“Maybe they just need to bang each other.” CJ replied, snickering.  

“He is sooo not my type.” Mattie said with a glare and quick flip of her middle finger at CJ. 

Ugh, not helping, CJ! I’m leaving, please try to remember the bullets are not for interior use. As in, don’t fucking shoot each other while I’m gone!” Daf said before rushing out the door 

Daf stopped to activate the warning lights and dashed out the door to wake Dom, her husband. Lately he’d been doing extra patrols at night and sleeping later than normal, so Daf suspected he would be out cold still and wouldn’t see the warning lights.  

She found him in their room, out cold on the bed with one arm resting across his eyes to block the ambient light that the sheets turned curtains couldn’t stop. She had only taken a few steps into the room when he pulled his arm down and squinted at her, the warmth in his eyes slowly faded when he noticed the light flashing over the doorway behind her. 

“Shit, what’s going on?” Dom said as he jumped from the bed and started pulling his shirt and shoes on. 

“We’ve got at least one hundred incoming, less than an hour out.”  

“Oh, that’s just fucking perfect.” Dom mumbled angrily as he finished getting dressed and headed out of the room. “What’s the status on the weapons?” 

“Our last count had us at 18 drones active, 2873 small weapon rounds, 12000 sniper rounds, and about 6000 heavy rounds for the wall guns.” Daf said as she darted after him. Dom’s 6’4” stride was difficult to keep up with when he was angry, so even though she was 5’9” she still had to semi-jog to keep up with him. 

“Only 18 drones? Damn it, I thought Ty and Cayla were working on a new power pack so we can activate the rest.” Dom asked after a few minutes of silence. 

“The mineral was too unstable, the packs are still exploding. Cayla said that it’ll take time because they need to find the right mix. It’s not exactly like either of them have worked with it before.” 

“I know, I know. I just thought that maybe we’d be better prepared after six months of quiet…” Dom shook his head and they finished the trek to the weapons cache in silence. Daf knew Dom was trying to think out a plan that would have the least amount of deaths on their side. 

It didn’t take long to get back to the others, and by the time they did Daf was slightly out of breath and so took a moment to calm her breathing. The group had almost quadrupled in size, and all were armed with either a gun or one of the drone control pads.  

As usual, the only one carrying a sniper rifle was Mattie and Daf rolled her eyes. This happened every time, and is why they were so lop-sided on the ammo count. Daf rolled her eyes and sighed as she pulled a sniper rifle down for her self. She wasn’t as good a shot as Mattie, but she at least had a 90% headshot ratio.  

Dom was standing near the main door when she finished gathering her gun and ammo, so she walked over and stood next to him. 

“EVERYONE, QUIET!” Daf’s voice echoed through the room and it quickly grew quiet. Daf smiled at everyone before nodding at Dom to begin. 

“Right, I’m sure you’ve all already chatted, but I’ll still recap what we know. At least 100 are incoming and,” Dom paused to look at this watch before continuing, “we’ve got maybe a 30 min ETA. Does that sound right, CJ?” 

CJ nodded back grimly from where she stood by Kat, Ty, and Mattie. 

“Right, so we need some of you to make sure the heavy’s are full up and primed. All drone operators need to inspect their drone and the drone’s power pack. We don’t have much time, so be swift. Kat, youTy, Jonathan and Cayla will be on medic duty today. We need Daf on the wall, so Kat will be in charge of triage.  Faye, we’ll need you in the shield room to re-calibrate the power to any section that weakens. 

“Wait, I can’t medic people.” Ty said in surprise. “My skills are in bandaids, and even then I muck it up.” 

“No, you need to get the injured, supplies, whatever she needs to Kat. Look, I know it’s been months since we’ve seen any activity but this is standard. So lets keep a clear head, remember what we’ve trained on, and we’ll get through this. Does anyone have any questions?” Dom paused and glanced around. Everyone in the room shook their heads quickly. “Good, get on your assigned duties.” 

Everyone quickly filed out of the room, leaving only Dom and Daf inside. Daf looked up at Dom and saw the worry on his face. 

“Don’t worry, baby. We’ve reinforced the walls for months now. They are way stronger than during the last assault.” Daf said, placing a hand on his cheek. “Plus you got me shooting this time around.”  

Dom laughed and pulled her into a tight hug. “Just stay down, okay?” 

Daf nodded and grinned. “Down is my favorite.” 

“God, I love you.” Dom said with a laugh and a quick kiss. “Okay, lets get into position.” 

Daf nodded and followed him out to the wall. It seemed like forever and almost no time at all before the quiet line of trees were disturbed. The first of the creatures stepped through, it’s black skin seemed to  glimmer as it grinned up at them. The huge tusk like teeth protruding from their bottom row of teeth were wrapped in gold colored rings from mid-tusk to tip, and their white hair fell in braids down their back.  

It was the tusks, stunted nose, and pointy ears that had earned them the name that Ty and dubbed them, even though they probably had a different one for themselves. Daf readied her weapon and stared down the site at the beasts below. The ‘Orcs’ had finally arrived. 


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