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God Damnit, Jonathan! (Part 3)

The silence that fell over the compound after the first Orc breached the woods was absolute. The only sound that could be heard was the rustling of the leaves a slight breeze caressed their surface.
“Shields.” Dom said over the coms to Faye, and a few seconds later the familiar, faint purple glow surrounded the compound.
Dom glanced around the walls, checking for any weaknesses.
“Where the hell is your brother, Jonathan?” Dom demanded over the com when he noticed Warrick was not in position.
“I’m not his baby sitter!” Jonathan replied.
“Seriously!?” Kat’s exasperated voice came over the com. “I’ll shoot him for sure this time!”
“You’ll have to fix him if you do.” Cayla replied.
“I’ve got bandaids! Um…somewhere?” Ty joked.
“Not the time, Ty!” Kat said in irritation.
“Calm down, guys. I’ll go look for him.” Daf said as she started to gather her rifle up to stand.
“No, everyone keep your positions. We’re already down one.” Dom stated, barely keeping the annoyance out of his voice. Daf nodded and settled back into position. “There’s only one so far, so everyone hold your fire until my order.”
It didn’t take long before the forest line was marred by the shapes of Orcs, and the silence of the compound was replaced with the strange yips and grunts that Dom suspected was the Orcs language. Dom scanned the tree line and estimated at least 200. Double CJ’s original estimate, and three times their group of 65, but the K-Shield would at least help even the field. Their weapons were augmented to fire through the K-Shield, and anything that was not, like the Orcs and their weapons, would be thrown back.
For probably the hundredth time Dom wish the shield could kill those that touched it, at least it would save some ammo, but he was still thankful for its presence. The last three attacks had been increasing in numbers each time, but the group before them was almost double that of the last attack. And they had lost 20 people that day.
Dom pulled his thoughts away from dwelling on the past and looked down the wall one last time before giving the order. “Open fire!”
The sound of gun fire was explosive, drowning out the sounds of the Orcs as they scrambled along the tree line, making themselves difficult targets to hit.
“Yeah, you run you fucking pansy bastards!” CJ shouted with a laugh as she fired into the trees, almost every shot hitting a target. “Fucking hell!” CJ hollered out whenever one bullet landed in the trunk of a tree in instead of an Orcs body.
The rest fired quietly from their positions, Mattie and Daf calm and seemingly effortless in their shots as they took down Orc after Orc. When the first barrage quieted 72 Orcs were dead on the ground and none from their group had even a scratch, but Dom knew the power for the shields wouldn’t last long. Even with the solar setup they had, the shields were their largest drain and when he saw the faint flicker he knew it was only a matter of minutes before the shield would be down entirely.
“Drone’s and heavies, get ready.” Dom called over the com, preparing for the inevitable shield drop.
When the shield flickered a second, longer time, the Orc’s cheers could clearly be heard over the gunfire. Everyone tensed, knowing their best defense was about to drop, but the gunfire kept up. Another 23 Orcs were felled before the shield drooped, leaving 105 to their 65.
As soon as the shields faded the 18 drones flew out over the walls and began engaging the Orcs as they rushed towards the wall, the faint whir of their engines as they flew was lost in the roar of the heavy guns opening fire.
Dom heard the faint shattering of glass and glanced around, quickly spotting several Orcs on fire as they ran around in the circle of flames on the ground. Another glass shattering sound and fire burst out a few feet away from the rest.
“Who the fuck is responsible for this?” Dom hollered in the com as he stared down the wall.
CJ caught Dom’s eye and quickly pointed behind her where Jonathan stood lighting a piece of cloth hanging from a glass bottle before tossing it over the wall, and next to him stood his brother Warrick, a large bag at his feet that he was pulling items from to quickly prepare another Molotov for Jonathan. Annoyance surged through Dom as the third Molotov struck a new target, and this time his shout did not hide his rage.


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