Twitter Adventure

What the fuck was that?! (Part 4)

“What?” Jonathan replied as he tossed another Molotov over the wall. “I ran out of bullets.” 

Daf glanced over and rolled her eyes in exasperation before speaking over the com. “That’s a fucked-up way to kill a sentient being, Jonathan.”  

“I say it’s better them than us,” Warrick called out as he handed Jonathan another Molotov.  

Surprisingly the fire never reached the trees. It seemed that once the original fuel of the Molotov was spent the fire petered out, and only a left a smoky haze for a few moments before all evidence of the Molotov disappeared. Unfortunately, the same thing happened with the Orcs, though the fire did appear to scorch their armor somewhat. After a few more tosses, Jonathan and Warrick gave up on the Molotovs. 

Daf shook her head and went back to shooting the Orcs that were rushing towards them. For several minutes everyone on the wall silently held their positions and continued to fire at the attackers, except for Dom. Dom paced back and forth, calling out for a status from the other three walls and providing the occasional encouraging word. It didn’t take long though for Dom’s voice to be interrupted by a frantic call from Mattie from the south wall. 

“BREACH!” Mattie’s yell caused many to wince in pain. “The sick fuckers used their dead to create a ramp up and they’ve reached the top. We have two down and three injured, get someone up here, Kat!” 

“On it!” Ty called over the com quickly before dashing out of triage to head towards the south wall. 

Dom glanced down at Daf, concern evident in his eyes. He was torn between staying with her and helping the others. Daf smiled in understanding and nodded up at him, giving him the permission he was seeking.  

“Stay safe.” Dom said quickly to her, before taking off and pulling his sword loose as he dashed towards the south wall. 

He reached the fray quickly, and began attacking with a vengeance. Close quarters combat with the Orcs was always dangerous, as the Orcs had both a longer reach and definitely more muscle behind their swings. But Dom and the group on the south wall didn’t hesitate, for if they failed everyone in the compound would be at risk, including the children.  

The defenders jumped into the fight with vigor, and the sound of metal on metal echoed through the compound. The screams of the injured and dying soon mingled with the clanging metal, and three more fell on the wall, leaving only 57 to defend. 

Dom tried not to count, tried to think only of the target before him, but with each new scream he winced and fought harder. Every one of their people that fell left behind another child orphan, another lone sibling, or another widow.  

It seemed like forever before he finally reached Mattie, and as the Orc before him fell he knew she was in trouble. He saw that her only weapon was her rifle, which she held above her in her shaking arms, barely keeping the Orcs blade at bay. It slowly inched closer to her, and Dom feared he wouldn’t make it in time as he leapt forward, his sword held tightly in his palms.  

Mattie glared at the Orc looming over her as her arms threatened to give out on her. She would not, could not, die this way! A fire burned in her chest, and Mattie felt the warmth flow from her center out to each of her limbs, filling every cell in her body. The fire begged to escape; the pressure almost overwhelming. It was fueled by her rage, by her helplessness, and by something else she could not identify.  

It built and built until she couldn’t take it anymore, and screamed at the Orc before her. “GO AWAY!” 

As soon as the words left her mouth the fire within her responded, and a pinkish light burst from her in an ever-expanding bubble. As the bubble touched the Orc before her it flew back as if a great force had pounded into it. Its body launched, spinning, over the wall and the bubble continued to grow faster and faster, with Mattie at its center.  

Every Orc that came in contact with the pink glow was blasted out and away from the compound, many of them hurtling into the forest and slamming into the trees and rocks, their movement ceasing as their vacant, dead eyes stared up into the leaves and sky above them. 

As the light came at him, Dom froze and tensed, but it passed harmlessly through him, leaving only a faint warmth and tingle in its wake. Everyone watched in shock as the Orc attackers were quickly obliterated, while they each were left unharmed. When the bubble finally faded only five Orcs remained, but were quick to dart off into the trees in fear. 

It was at that moment Ty finally reached Mattie on the wall, having not even noticed the bubble as he made his mad dash to her location. He looked around in confusion at everyone’s wide-eyed stares, but ignored them quickly when he noticed Mattie swaying weakly before him. He reached out as she fell and caught her before she hit the ground. Looking up at Dom, he started to speak but was interrupted by CJ’s voice over the com. 

“What the FUCK was that?!” 


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