Destiny: Darkness Descending

Destiny: Darkness Descending, Part 7

Part 7 – Zombies roam and society is collapsing. The remnants of humanity struggle to survive in the darkness that remains. Will they make it?

“Thanks for the loan.” Destiny said to Steve as she stepped closer to return his bat.
“Sure, anytime.” Steve replied as he took the bat from her. “So -,” A scream interrupted him and Steve tensed, looking around quickly. “We need to go. That was nearby, maybe a block away. Do you have a ride?”
“Umm… no, just my feet.” Destiny replied awkwardly as she met Steve’s gaze.
“Right… look, you don’t know us, but I can’t leave you like this here. You should come with us. You’ll be safe, I promise.” Steve said, his eyes warm and filled with honesty.
“Yeah, please. It’s not safe here. We have a truck on the street, all filled up. We can take you somewhere if you need it, or you can come with us.” Butler said quickly, his gaze pleading.
“Okay, yeah. I don’t think psychos would be so willing to rush to someone’s aid.” Destiny replied with a grin. “Thanks, I really -” Another scream echoed around them, sounding closer than the first. “Right, I think that’s our queue. Let me grab my bag real quick…” Destiny started towards the deck and stumbled, Steve quickly reached out and grabbed her to keep her from falling into the stairs.
“I’ll get it.” Adamson offered before dashing over and snatching up her bag. He eyed the raked before glancing at her, “Did you want to keep that too?”
“No,” Destiny replied with a shaky laugh. “It was all I could find, and probably wouldn’t help anyways. Leave it.” Adamson nodded and hefted her backpack onto his free shoulder.
“You okay?” Steve asked, still holding her steady.
“I think so…” Destiny replied as Steve eyed her with concern.
“Can you walk okay, or do you need help? We’ll have to move quickly, but one of us can probably carry you.”
Destiny stared at Steve for a moment before crushing her pride down. She knew with the way her legs were shaking that she wouldn’t be able to run and would slow them down. That would put them all at risk.
“Okay, yes… it would probably be best if one of you carried me.” Destiny said awkwardly.
Steve nodded, lifted her into his arms, and quickly set off towards the bronco, Adamson and Butler trailing behind. It only took them a few moments to reach the Bronco, but in that time three more screams could be heard, each one closer than the last. As Steve set her into the front passenger seat Destiny could hear more sounds, gurgling and growling, in addition to the screams. They were close, and definitely sounded like more than one.

The men quickly tossed their bags into the back and jumped inside, before quietly closing their doors.
As Steve turned the key in the ignition and the Bronco jumped to life, Destiny spotted the first zombie at the end of the street. Then the second. And swiftly the street was filled with a dozen or more and fear spiked through her as she looked at Steve.


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